Order of Ecclesia

General Techniques

Fast Money Gain

What you need:

  • Double jump
  • 2x gold rings
  • Inire Pecunia (+gold glyph)

1. Equip 2x gold rings and Inire Pecunia glyph
2. Go to D-24 of this map in the Tymeo Mountains - http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/castlevania_ooe_tymeo.png
3. Double jump over the lantern on the post at the right side of the bridge, then kick it (down+jump), then mid-air jump off the top of the screen
4. Do another kick here off the bottom of the screen.
5. You will fly back down into the lantern. When you hit it, you'll get $1000 gold. Double jump back out of the screen and repeat. Easily 100k+ per minute, definitely more once you get a rhythm. Just hit jump + down repeatedly.

Founder: olats

Leveling Attribute Points and upgrading Devil Ring simultaneously and passively

Works only on Normal Mode. What you'll be needing is:

  • Tower Ring
  • Emperor Ring
  • Refectio - Turned On
  • Heart Cuirass
  • Level 53 or higher - This is the minimum level you can get 70 DEF with the best helmet and boots on.
  • DEF at 70, no lower - Needed to generate 5pts of damage each hit.

With the +2hp you're getting from Refectio and the 10 hearts you get with each glyph absorbed, you will maintain you're health. Now you will lose all of your hearts and a bit of health, but the Heart Cuirass will nullify the the HP damage for a second, long enough for the +2 regeneration to catch up. You may lose health in the initial setup, but once in place you will just barely gain HP and maintain the max Hit Points with the minimum Hearts.

BTW Since the only spots open in your equipment to generate defense is the helmet and boots, the best ones, and only ones that will work at level 53, are:

  • Knight Helm (or Queen of Hearts, but chances are you won't have that as this only works on normal mode).
  • Plat Leggings.

If you do all of this, the trick will work and you'll fully power the Devil Ring in little over a day.

Credit: CID1

Leveling familiars and upgrading Justice Ring simultaneously and passively

What you'll be needing:

  • Any familiar glyph
  • (Suggested) One or two death rings

Before you begin, remember that YOUR stats affect your familiars, but only at the time of summonging them. Put on a death ring or two before summoning, then take them off if afterwards. This will ensure your familiar can actually do some damage. All familiars except polkir get atk bonus from str, while he gets it from int.

1. Zombies in F7 (http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/castlevania_ooe_monastery_a.png) of the monastery. This is fairly easy, but you'll only get 1 exp per kill, which doesn't really help you much unless you want to wear the justice ring (+Str per kill). However, you can level familiars this way. It'll take several hours per level, but it works. Polkir is really the only familiar you'll have trouble leveling here, as he doesn't like to attack unless you're very close to the zombies and will usually just fly off the screen no matter where you stand.

For your other familiars, you can stand anywhere that's elevated. Usually, right at the doorway works fine, though you can also stand on the pole or scale in the middle of the room if you like.

2. Ghouls in P10 (http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/castlevania_ooe_dracula.png) of Dracula's Castle. These are a little better for leveling, as they give 6 exp per kill, but your familiars needs to actually be able to kill them. Use whatever gear you have to boost your str before summoning. Again, you can simply stand by the entrance, but you may want to kill the peeping eye on the screen before you leave your DS alone.

Credits: Estpolis Denki



[Shanoa] New Game, Normal mode: 00:57:25 by Serris (unassisted, original console, link)

[Shanoa] New Game+, Normal mode: 00:29:50 by Serris (unassisted, original console, not recorded)

[Shanoa] Bossrush Course 2: 00:15:80 by Bug7139 (unassisted, emulated, link)



New Game


- tutorial

- activate bottom warp
- equip Magnes
- Arthroverta — Confodere+Confodere
- warp to bottom
- exit

Wygol Village
- rescue Nikolai / get Torpor
- save


Ruvas Forest
- equip Macir
- manipulate Heart Repair (for Blackmore)
- exit

Kalidus Channel
- get Magical Ticket
- rescue Jacob
- save


Minera Prison Island
- Giant Skeleton — Macir+Macir
- get HPMax at J18
- activate middle warp
- get Dominus Hatred
- rescue Abram
- save


- get Heart Max at F24
- equip Falcis
- Tin Man — Dominus Hatred (2 Potions)
- equip Strength Ring
- exit

- Brachyura — Macir+Macir
- rescue Eugen
- get Serpent Scale + exit

Kalidus Channel
- get Heart Max at H17
- save


- exit and reenter
- get money and MPMax at J9
- rescue Monica
- use Magical Ticket

Wygol Village
- buy 9 Magical Tickets
- buy 9 Meat
- save


Tymeo Mountains
- get Mushroom
- rescue Laura
- exit

Wygol Village
- save


Misty Forest Road
- manipulate Blow Ring
- equip Vol Macir
- exit

Wygol Village
- save


Skeleton Cave
- manipulate Blow Ring
- save


- Maneater — Vol Macir+Vol Macir
- get Ordinary Stone
- rescue George
- Magical Ticket

Minera Prison Island
- warp to middle
- equip Tower Ring
- rescue Aeon
- Magical Ticket

Tymeo Mountains
- rescue Marcel
- exit

Wygol Village
- save

SEG 10

Somnus Reef
- manipulate Wind Ring
- rescue Anna
- activate second warp
- Magical Ticket

Wygol Village
- save

SEG 11

Somnus Reef
- manipulate Wind Ring
- get Heart Max at L8
- save

SEG 12

- Rusalka — Falcis+Falcis
- rescue Serge
- exit

Wygol Village
- refill hearts
- save

SEG 13

Giant's Dwelling
- rescue Daniela
- equip Vol Secare
- save

SEG 14

- Goliath — Vol Secare+Vol Secare
- get Dominus Anger
- exit

Tristis Pass
- save

SEG 15

- get Vol Grando
- get Heart Max at N22
- rescue Irina
- save

SEG 16

- exit

Oblivion Ridge
- save

SEG 17

- Gravedorcus — Vol Macir+Vol Macir
- Magical Ticket

- visit Barlowe
- exit room, Magical Ticket

Wygol Village
- save

SEG 18

Argila Swamp

Wygol Village
- refill hearts
- save

SEG 19

Mystery Manor
- get Schnitzel
- save

SEG 20

- Albus — Vol Secare+Vol Secare
- get Dominus Agony
- Magical Ticket

Wygol Village
- refill hearts
- save

SEG 21

- Barlowe — Vol Secare+Vol Secare+Dominus Agony (3 Meat)
- Magical Ticket

Wygol Village
- save

SEG 22

Castle Entrance
- get Heart Max Up at U12

- get HPMax at L12
- Wallman / Paries
- get Dextro Custos
- Magical Ticket

Castle Entrance
- save

SEG 23

- get HPMax at S16

Underground Labyrinth
- equip Nitesco
- equip Mercury Boots
- activate warp before Blackmore
- save

SEG 24

- Blackmore — Vol Secare+Nitesco+Dominus Agony (4 Meat)
- get Super Potion
- equip Rapidus Fio
- exit

Wygol Village
- save

SEG 25

Castle Entrance
- warp to warp before Blackmore

- save

SEG 26

- get Heart Max Up at R28
- get HPMax at R36
- activate warp
- equip Valkyrie Mail

Mechanical Tower
- save

SEG 27

- equip Valkyrie Mask
- get HPMax at L49
- get Death Ring
- warp to Barracks
- save

SEG 28

Arms Depot
- equip Melio Falcis
- save

SEG 29

- Eligor (2 Meat, Mushroom)
Front — Melio Falcis+Melio Falcis
Back — Melio Falcis+Nitesco+Dominus Agony
Head — Melio Falcis+Nitesco+Dominus Agony
- get Arma Custos
- Magical Ticket

Wygol Village
- refill hearts
- save

SEG 30

Mechanical Tower
- Death — Melio Falcis+Nitesco+Dominus Agony

Forsaken Cloister
- open Cerberus gate
- get Eisbein
- save

SEG 31

Final Approach (Schnitzel+Eisbein+SuperPotion, dash through everything)
- get Volaticus
- equip Judgement Ring
- get Heart Max Up at D36
- save

SEG 32

- Dracula — Melio Falcis+Nitesco+Dominus Agony

New Game+

Intro (equip stuff)
Monastery (activate warp, Magnes, Arthroverta, warp)
Wygol Village (Nikolai)
Ruvas Forest
Kalidus Channel (Jacob)
Minera Prison Island (Giant Skeleton, activate southern warp, Dominus Hatred, Abram)
Lighthouse (Brachyura, Eugen, Serpent Scale)
Kalidus (exit at bottom left, reenter, Monica, use Magical Ticket)
Tymeo Mountains (Laura, Marcel)
Misty Forest Road
Skeleton Cave (Maneater, Ordinary Rock, George, use Ticket)
Minera (warp to south, Aeon, use Ticket)
Somnus Reef (Anna, Rusalka, Serge)
Giant's Dwelling (Daniela, Goliath, Dominus Anger)
Tristis Pass (unfreeze waterfall, Irina)
Oblivion Ridge (Gravedorcus, use Ticket)
Ecclesia (talk to Barlowe, exit Barlowe's room, use ticket)
Argila Swamp
Mystery Manor (Albus, Dominus Agony, use ticket)
Ecclesia (Barlowe, use ticket)
Dracula's Castle:
Dextro Custos
Magical Ticket
Activate Barracks warp
Arma Custos
Magical Ticket
Warp to Barracks
Sinestro Custos

Boss Rush


Course 2

- Stephanie
- Robe Decollete
- Winged Boots
- Judgment Ring x2 (the Union boost they give combined is far superior to dual Death Rings)
- Hanged Man Ring (used later)

- Nitesco
- Any weapon glyph
- Redire (for Eligor)
- Magnes (again, Eligor)
- Dominus Agony (because damage increase with this is tremendous)
- Rapidus Fio (for the speed part)

- Max Fire, Light AP

Now, onto the Glyph Sleeve set-ups:

- Nitesco
- Any weapon glyph
- Dominus Agony

- Nothing
- Nothing
- Rapidus Fio

Do not put the Nitesco combo into the slots because if they're not in the slots and you performed the combo, the delay animation will disappear allowing you to move freely.

- Redire
- Redire
- Magnes

Starting Equips:

Robe Decollete
Winged Boots
Judgment Ring
Judgment Ring

Now that you have what it needs to be prepared, it's time for the actual strategy:

Before Blackmore battle:
Start up Dominus Agony immediately as you touch the ground, and immediately press up to enter Blackmore's room, but make sure Dominus Agony is activated before entering.

Blackmore battle:
Immediately jump towards Blackmore and perform a Glyph Union of Nitesco + any weapon glyph, open your menu, swap sleeves to "B", and activate Rapidus and hold right. If done correctly, you should be moving quickly to the exit warp while still in mid-air with Blackmore still doing his "death" sequence. Enter the warp.

Eligor battle:
Open your menu and swap to "A" then instantly activate Dominus Agony and do a small hop towards Eligor and use a Glyph Union. Once it touches Eligor's legs and breaking the orbs, open your menu and swap to "C". Move a bit to the left since if you use Redire and Magnes too close to the wall, you would collide against the wall and mess up. What you're trying to do here is boomerang your way over Eligor's head. Aim to the right and press Y or X + R together while holding down-forward on your D-pad. Once the Redire starts swinging towards Eligor, let go of the R button and you'll start flying over Eligor's head (assuming you did it correctly). Once you let go of the R button, open your menu and swap to "A" and activate Dominus Agony while using a Glyph Union as high as you can, killing Eligor. Then open your menu, swap to "B" and change one of your accessory slots to Hanged Man Ring. Start speeding your way off Eligor's back and dive kick towards the left wall (you'll most likely land right into the corner). Enter the warp.

Death battle:
Open your menu and swap to "A" while changing your accessory slot back to Judgement Ring. Activate Dominus Agony while jumping as low as you can, activating Glyph Union while trying to land on the spot where the warp will pop up. Enter the warp by landing on it.

Dracula battle:
AS SOON AS YOU ENTER, as fast as your reflexes will allow, jump and use a Glyph Union to the left. If you are fast enough, you can strike a punishing blow to Drac before he can warp to a new location, shortening the length of this battle. Here's where the luck starts, simply just stand at the center of the room (at the spot where the warp should pop up at) and hope that Dracula will appear at either the close left of close right. If he does, simply use another Glyph Union and start spamming up on the D-pad to enter the warp. If he appears at the far edges or the center, then you'll be starting over.


Course 2

Blackmore: Jump towards Blackmore, do an Optical Shot in midair, then a Quadruple Ignis jumping to the right. Blackmore is dead. Time: ~5 seconds

Eligor: High jump, then warp twice to get on Eligor's Back. Do perfectly timed hops with normal shots on his head. Eligor is dead. Time: 10-11 seconds

Death: Fire an Optical Shot, then do one Quadruple Ignises when he stops to attack. This is a bit dependant on luck for how fast he stops moving, so time can vary. Optimal time: 15-16 seconds.

Dracula: When Dracula reappears, fire an Optical Shot next to his head about a second before he is vulnerable, then land on his body. Do three Quadruple Ignises to kill him. Optimal Time: 28-30 seconds.


Transformation glitch

If you level up while transformed the stat boost from the transformation will carry over to Shanoa's base stats, so you keep the bonus even when unmorphed. This lasts until the next level up or until you load the game.

Accessory glitch

Equip any accessories other than the attribute-boosting rings (Wind Ring, Blow Ring, Ruby Ring, etc.). You can equip these rings in one slot, but the other slot must have another accessory. For example:

Slot 1: Wind Ring
Slot 2: Strength Ring

Now select the second slot and scroll over to any attribute-boosting ring. Don't equip it, just press start instead. You'll leave the menu and keep the bonus from both accessories in the second slot, as if you had 3 accessories equipped. The boost stays until you enter the menu again.

Eligor leg clip

It's possible to clip through the upper sections of Eligor's legs from his underside. After destroying the foreleg orbs, you can go through his hind legs to skip the lengthy underside phase. Tower Ring and Rapidus Fio make it easier, but aren't necessary.

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