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Welcome to Pile of Secrets, your source to secrets, tricks & glitches for Castlevania. We have almost everything starting from the casual gamer to the more hardcore gamer. Join discussion on our forum!

The site started as The Castlevania Encyclopedia (now on a backup server) on October 1, 2006 where it served both general and hardcore Castlevania fans/players. After discussing with staff members about the future of the site, we decided to rename the site to something that favored gameplay over general info. The reason was because there were already many Castlevania sites that had all the general info you needed for the franchise yet when it came to gameplay, delicate info was scattered throughout the internet, so we decided to put it all into one place and that is this site. Most of us who helped run the site were also more of a player than a fan (we are fans, but just not to delusional extents) so we also enjoyed the change of the site.

We decided to change the site name to Pile of Secrets in 2008 since the site was no longer an "encyclopedia" but then a few problems occured (Persona, the owner and only updater for the site started losing interest mainly because most of the work had to be done by him/her/it) and the site was shut down on March 2009.

Pile of Secrets is now revived (June 1 2009) but the difference this time is that most of the problems are solved. Persona, who was tired of having to be the only one to update, no longer needs to, since this wiki will be used by most Castlevania players and the host is free (hehe).


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